Hi, I`m

Edmund Wei

Aspiring UI/UX Designer

currently attending the

University of York

BSc Interactive Media

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Interact 2023 Website

UI/UX, Web Development

NRM Web+3D+AR Experience

AR Project


UI/UX, Web Development


Logo Design


UI/UX Design

IM Showcase

3D Animation

PremiumJ Showreel



Logo & UI/UX Design

To showcase the LNER Dynamometer situated in the York National Railway Museum in a digitally interactive manner.

Using AR and 3D models to showcase the LNER Dynamometer features in an interactive and accessible manner.

Inspired by Coolors, a colour palatte sharing website. How cool would it be if everyone shares their list (e.g. accomodation preparation, grocery list) to be used as inspiration for other users?

Logo design for a Malaysia-based keyboard company. This logo is designed for multi use cases including CNC machining on products, websites and prints.

Tasked with creating an interactive project regarding the humanities topic. MOOD was conceptualised as a way to regulate user emotions via self-reflection and self-regulation.

Series of 3D animations made to countdown the submission deadline for the IM Showcase 2021.

Series of recipe videos with local chefs and interview videos with business owners, commissioned by local cheese distributor PremiumJ (Malaysia).

Tasked with designing a simple and functional webstore layout with a new way to interact with shopping cart.

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