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Brief: I was approached and tasked to create a website for the Bi-Annual Interact HCI conference by IFIP.
The website should focus on accessibility and ease of use.

Design Process: Atkinson Hyperlegible font (created by Braille Institute) was used for the website for its careful design towards users with visual imparmeents and aesthetics.

The background and text colours were chosen for it's contrast, as black test on white background causes strain to user's eyes, and black background with white text causes 'halation' towards users (like me) with astigmatism.

Buttons are big and bold. Contents have wide spacing to create white-spaces for users to rest their eyes on.

Technical Implementation & Justification: This website is created using Astro Framework, with th submissions page coded in React for its' interaction-focused design.

UI/UX of the website was conceptualised in Figma. Icons are 100% original creations.

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Currently situated in York, UK.
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