NRM Web+3D+AR Experience

Brief: This is a project for the Critical Design module for the second year of my BSc Interactive Media course. In collaboration with the National Railway Museum (NRM), the task is to create an interactive experience based on several exhibits chosen by a representative at the NRM.

Design Process: The LNER Dynamometer carriage was my chosen exhibit to work on due to 2 reasons.

Firstly, the Dynamometer carriage contains many intricate mechanical components which was only accessible inside the car. Understandably, the carriage was not accessible to the visitors as to preserve the prestine condition of the exhibit.

Secondly, there was only one tiny stairs platform, which only allowed limited number of visitors to look into the carriage via 2 windows. The tiny stairway and lack of accessibility ramps also made it impossible for people with disabilities to check out the carriage. The windows also introduced a lot of glare, which made looking into the carriage a lot more difficult.

Technical Implementation & Justification: This prototype contains 3 technology used. The base of the project was made in HTML, CSS and JS with GSAP library to handle web animations.

The 3D experience was created in Unity and built as WebGL to be ran on web-based technology.

The AR experience was created using Unity's AR Foundation. Due to the limited support of AR Foundation on iPad (shown in the prototype video above), the AR part of the demo was ran on an Android device.

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